Scottish Fold

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Osteochondrodysplasia in Scottish Fold cats

Scottish Fold cats are known for its folded ears and one of the most popular cat breed. However, they tend to develop osteochondrodysplasia more than other cat breeds because of the characteristic ears. In this post, I’ll explain about osteochondrodysplasia. If you are a Scottish Fold cat owner or a fan of the breed, check this article out ! What is osteochondrodysplasia ? Osteochondrodysplasia is a disorder of the development of bone and cartilage. It is said Scottish Fold cats tend to develop osteochondrodysplasia especially the ones that have folded ears three times more than other cat breeds. Because it is the result of genetic condition, some of the cat…

Cat breeds, how to live with cats, Price

The Scottish Fold Cat Breed : Facts and Personality !

History of the Scottish Fold Cat The first Scottish Fold appeared on the scene back in 1961 when a farmer found a barn cat that had folded ears by chance in Scotland. The first thing most people noticed about the Scottish Fold is a cute moonface with typical folded ears. There is no doubt that their beautiful round eyes steal your heart in an instant ! Scottish Fold is known as a model of Doraemon which is a robotic cat character of a popular Japanese cartoon. Scottish Fold Cat Personality The Scottish Fold is gentle, docile and affectionate. They are very flexible and well-adjusted with new environment. They are friendly,…