The Scottish Fold Cat Breed : Facts and Personality !

History of the Scottish Fold Cat

The first Scottish Fold appeared on the scene back in 1961 when a farmer found a barn cat that had folded ears by chance in Scotland.

The first thing most people noticed about the Scottish Fold is a cute moonface with typical folded ears. There is no doubt that their beautiful round eyes steal your heart in an instant !

Scottish Fold is known as a model of Doraemon which is a robotic cat character of a popular Japanese cartoon.

Scottish Fold Cat Personality

The Scottish Fold is gentle, docile and affectionate. They are very flexible and well-adjusted with new environment. They are friendly, and get along well with other pets and children. They are quiet, and have soft voice, so good for an apartment building, too.

Scottish Fold Cat Price

Scottish Fold is a popular breed, so you can get a Scottish Fold from pet stores as well as breeders. On the average, a Scottish Fold price from a breeder is around between $700 and $1,500 ( ¥70,000 ~ ¥160,000 ). Their most typical feature is their folded ears, of course, but some Scottish Folds are born with straight ears. There is a difference of the price between a kitten with folded ears and a kitten with straight ears.

Caring for Scottish Fold Cats


The Scottish Fold is not so energetic, and tends to lack exercise. To avoid overweight, it’s recommend to feed a calorie-controlled cat food. It’s important to feed a good quality and well-balanced food.


The life expectancy of Scottish Fold is similar to other cats : 10 ~13 years. Scottish Fold’s cute folded ear is the result of a genetic condition, and it can cause them to have shorter life. They have a genetic mutation, and tend to have problems related to the ear and the bones compere to other breeds.

Check the ears regularly, and clean them when necessary. It’s also important to check your cat daily, and if you notice any difference, take your cat to the vet.

Living with a cat !

Living with pets makes your life happier and rewarding ! However, you have a responsibility for lifelong care for your cat…be a responsible owner.

Enjoy your life with a feline friend !

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