The Ragdoll Cat Breed Fact and Personality : The charming and sweet look with gorgeous sapphirine blue eyes !

Ragdoll is known as one of the largest cat along with Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat. They have fluffy and velvety coat just like “a rag doll”. The marking of center parting on their face and large blue eyes are also their attractive features. We’re going tell you about these lovely and gentle felines !

History of the Ragdoll Cat

The origin of the Ragdoll cat dates back to1960s. To establish a new breed that is a long-haired and elegant, the Ragdoll has been mixed with white color cats as well as other breeds such as Persians, Birmans and Burmeses.  Through multiplying crossing, the Ragdoll Cat Breed has been achieved !

Ragdoll Cat Characteristics

Physical Appearance

Ragdoll has a thick body and lion-like mane around neck. They are larger than the average of other cats. The weight of the Ragdoll can be more than 10 kg ( 22 lbs ). Because of their fluffy coat, they look bigger than the actual size.

Their coat is fluffy, dense and silky just like brand-new “a rag doll “. The typical symmetrical marking of Ragdoll that is separated in center and gorgeous large blue eyes are also attractive features.

Ragdoll Cat Personality

The Ragdoll is docile, gentle and sweet tempered. They have one of best manners in cats and easily trainable. Because Ragdoll breed was developed through multiplying crossing to other breeds, they don’t have a wildness. They even play with you without using their claws.

They are very social and not only like people, but also good with other pets.They are very obedient and easy to train which make them a great company !

Ragdoll Cat Price

It’s more common to get a Ragdoll from a breeder than a pet store and the price of Ragdolls tend to be a bit higher than average of other breeds. The price of a Ragdoll depends on quality like color and marking. On the average, a Ragdoll cat price is between $1,500 and $2,000 ( ¥ 150,000 – ¥ 200,000 ).

Caring for Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll is generally healthy, and doesn’t need a special diet.
To keep a good condition, it’s important to feed good quality and well-balanced food that meets all nutrition they need.

Tips of how to care Ragdolls

The Ragdoll is a gentle, calm and laid-back cat. They get along with people well and are very easy to care for. They love to play and spend time with people, but make sure they get some quiet and relax time.

The Ragdoll’s long-hair has little undercoat, so the coat is easier to care than it looks.
To avoid knots or matting, you can give a brush or comb once every 3 days.

Check some lovely Ragdolls !

Living with a cat !

Living with pets makes your life happier and rewarding !
It’s very important to remember that you have a responsibility for lifelong care of your cat …Enjoy your life with a feline friend !

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