Leaving your cat home alone

During holiday season, many people go on a trip. In general, it is said that cats are easier to care compared with dogs. But if you are a cat owner, you may wonder if it’s ok to leave your cat home alone while you are away and how long you can leave a cat alone. 

In this post, I’ll tell you some of the tips you should know when you leave your cat home alone. 

How long can you leave your cat home alone ?

Cats are very independent animals and leaving cats home alone sounds normal, but how long can you leave your cat home alone? . . . It depends on cat’s personality and other situations such as the environment and health issues, but for most of healthy adult cats, you can leave them home alone for 2days.

Having said that, don’t leave your cat for a long time suddenly but start from a short period of time. 

If you need to leave your cat alone more than 2 days, you can use a pet hotel or ask a friend or a family member whom you can trust.


Cats can get into all kinds of troubles, so to avoid the trouble, many cat owners may leave the cat in one room while they are away, but when you need to leave your cat for a couple of days, leave doors open. That way they can have more space to move around. If there is a possibility for your cat to close the door and lock in the room by himself/herself, use door stoppers to avoid the trouble.
Also don’t leave the garbage and anything that can be dangerous to cats.




Leave the same amount of food usually you feed for your kitty. Canned food has more risk of spoil ( especially summer time), so when you’re away, using dry food is better. It’s also a good idea to use an automatic pet feeder. And make sure you leave enough clean water . . . place a couple of water bowls in different places your cat won’t spill.

Litter Box

You can say cats are very clean animals and self-sufficient in most ways, but they can’t clean the litter box . . . place one or two more extra litter boxes.



Even though cats are very independent animals, they miss the owner while they are away. So, when you come home, praise your kitty and spend some extra time with him/her ! 

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