Be careful of the changing of the seasons ! Symptoms and causes for hair loss in cats

Grooming your kitty cat regularly is very important not only to keep him/her healthy, but also to reduce the amount of cat hair on the floor or your clothes.
Cats shed their hair naturally and they lose hair a lot when the seasons change.

However, they also shed their hair because of other reasons such as skin problem and stress . . .

In this post, I’ll tell you some of the symptoms and causes for hair loss in cats.

Dermatophytosis ( Ringworm )

Dermatophytosis or Ringworm is a fungal infection caused by fungus and it affects skin, hair and nails. When cats develop ringworm, you can see symptoms such as hair loss and scabs. Kittens and cats have a weakened immune system tend to develop it

Ringworm is contagious and can be passed between infected cat and non-infected one. If you have two cats or more, separate the one that has ringworm from other ones. To prevent ringworm, check your kitty on a regular basis and keep the house clean.

Ear mites

Ear mites are a common parasite in cats. It will cause cat’s ears s to itch which sometimes results in them scratching at their ears or shaking their head.

Ear mites are contagious. To prevent it, keep your cat indoors if possible.
Treatment for ear mites, give a good ear cleaning and then use medication for ear mites.


Collar problem

If your cat wears a collar and is losing hair around its neck, check the collar if it’s not too tight. If there is enough space, the material of the collar might be the cause of losing hair. Using the collar for your cat is beneficial when a problem occurs, so find the right collar for your kitty !

Excessive grooming

Cats groom themselves regularly, but sometimes it can become over-grooming. The reasons of the excessive grooming can be roughly divided into physical issues and emotional issues. When your cat is grooming excessively, you can see bald patches.

If your cat has physical issues such as skin issue, you can treat proper medical care.

But if the cause of over-grooming is mental issues, it might take time to solve the problem. Cats can be stressed and there are many causes of stress in cats, for example, environment changes or adding a new pet . . . 

To avoid the condition, it’s important to check your kitty carefully and make a comfort zone for him/her !

There are many different reasons for hair loss in cats. If you notice your cat has unusual hair loss, take your cat to the vet to check ! 

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