Osteochondrodysplasia in Scottish Fold cats

Scottish Fold cats are known for its folded ears and one of the most popular cat breed. However, they tend to develop osteochondrodysplasia more than other cat breeds because of the characteristic ears.

In this post, I’ll explain about osteochondrodysplasia. If you are a Scottish Fold cat owner or a fan of the breed, check this article out !

What is osteochondrodysplasia ?


Osteochondrodysplasia is a disorder of the development of bone and cartilage. It is said Scottish Fold cats tend to develop osteochondrodysplasia especially the ones that have folded ears three times more than other cat breeds. Because it is the result of genetic condition, some of the cat shows such as FIFE and GCCF don’t accept the Scottish Fold cat.

Why do Scottish Fold cats tend to develop osteochondrodysplasia ?


The Scottish Fold cat has a genetic mutation which makes the folded ears and also causes bone and cartilage abnormalities. Because of the genetic mutation, it is said that Scottish Fold cats with folded ears develop osteochondrodysplasia more often than other breeds. Unfortunately osteochondrodysplasia is a hereditary disease, so it’s almost impossible to prevent it.

The symptoms of osteochondrodysplasia


When cats develop osteochondrodysplasia, you notice symptoms of growth abnormality looks like bumps around joints. It’s painful and some of cats become to unable to walk.

Treatments of osteochondrodysplasia

There is non-curative treatment, but there are some treatments might be palliative.

Medication to reduce the pain


If the case is not severe, you can use some drugs such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and nutraceuticals to reduce the pain.

Radiation therapy


It is said that radiation therapy is effective on osteochondrodysplasia. However, the cost of the treatment is high.


In some severe cases, surgery may be recommended.
However, there is the risk for senior cats because of using anesthetics.



Bisphosphonates are newer drugs which are used to treat osteochondrodysplasia.

Compared to the radiation therapy, it doesn’t take long for a treatment and the cost of the treatment is less, too.

Choosing a cat carefully !

There are so many different kinds of cat breeds and each breed has its own characteristics. To have a happy pet’s life, check cats carefully and then pick one not just because of the appearance, but fits your lifestyle ! 

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