How to train a cat not to claw furniture

If you have a cat for the first time or you consider getting a cat, you may worry that if the cat scratches furniture or walls . . . 

In this post, I’ll tell you how to stop your cat from scratching furniture and walls.

Get at least one scratching post for your cat

When you get a cat, there are many things that you need to prepare . . . a cat litter box, a cage, food & water bowls, a cat brush . . . and don’t forget a scratching post. Scratching posts are very useful to train cats where they should sharpen their claws. I recommend getting a cat tower with scratching posts.  

Because cats grow fast even though you have a kitten, to be able to use it for a long time, choose a bigger ( at least 1m high ) and stable tower.

Train cats to use a scratching post

It is a trouble if cats scratch their nails anywhere . . . walls and furniture. . .  

It’s important for cat owners to train cats not to scratch the walls and furniture.

Teach your kitty that he/she can use only the scratching post to scratch his/her nails.

You can take your kitty to the scratching post and show how to use it. Hold your cat’s leg and rub the paws on the post gently. You can do the same thing when you see that your cat shows the act of scratching not on the post, but something else.

Attract your cat to the scratching post !

Cats are very curious and love to play. Spend time with your cat near the post and play with your cat by using cat toys when he/she is using the post.  

Don’t forget to cut your cat’s nails

Every cat needs to scratch their nails regularly, so the scratching post is a necessary item. But it’s not enough for trimming their nails . . . 

Most of outdoor cats don’t need their nails trimmed. But for indoor cats, using a scratching post is not enough to shed their nails or avoid overgrown nails . . . so don’t forget to trim your cat’s nails regularly.

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