How to train your cat to stay in a cage comfortably

Caging a cat all the time is definitely not a good idea !  But when you have to leave your cat alone in the house while you are away, you might worry about your cat. You don’t know how does your cat spend time in the house and it’s possible for your cat to have an accident such as swallowing a dangerous object and falling from the window. So, if you can leave your kitty in a cage while you are away, it’s safe . . . but doesn’t caging a cat give cats stress ?

In this post, I’ll tell you some of the tips and points to notice how to train your cat to stay in a cage comfortably.

Is it ok caging a cat ?


Many people may be wondering if leaving a cat in a cage is ok for a cat . . . 

For adult cats, they can’t move around freely in a cage, so it can be the cause of stress. Caging adult cats is not necessary. If you want to use the cage for your cat when you are away, choose a cage that has an enough space such as 3 level cat cages.

On the other hand, for kittens, it’s a good idea to leave in a cage when you are away. Especially 2 – 3 month old kittens are full of curiosity and have an interest in everything. To avoid unexpected accidents such as chewing the wires and eating our food, leaving a kitten in a cage while you are away from home is a good idea.

Important things to do when you leave your kitty in a cage !

Don’t forget a water bowl


It is said cats don’t drink enough water on a regular basis because their ancestor lived in desert area. So make sure you put a water bowl for you kitty to be able to drink anytime especially when he/she is in the cage.

Keep the proper room temperature for your cat


Kittens can’t control their body temperature well.

It’s important to keep the comfortable temperature in your house for cats, especially when they are in limited space like inside of a cage.

Cats are comfortable at around 80 degree fahrenheit. You can also add blankets or cat heating pad in winter.

Communicate with your cat !


After your cat stays in a cage while you are away, don’t forget to praise him/her.

Let your cat out from the cage when you get back home and spend time with your cat. Praise your cat and you can offer the treat, too. Play with your cat using your kitty’s favorite toys. Praising your cat and playing with your cat are great ways to build the strong bond between you and your cat, too !

Don’t force your cat to stay in a cage

Some cats feel a lot of stress when they are in a cage. If your cat shows strange behaviors such as meowing loudly and grooming excessively when you put him/her in a cage, it may be because of stress. 

Caging a cat all the time is definitely not a good idea, but it might be a good idea in certain situations, for example, when you are away from home. But, prolonged stress can be cause of illness, so use the cage depending on the situation.

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