How to encourage a cat to use its own bed

You bought a brand new cat bed for your kitty, but he/she doesn’t use . . . What are you gonna do !?

In this post, I’ll tell you some of the tips how to encourage a cat to use a cat bed.

3 ways to make a cat to use a cat bed

Place your kitty’s favorite cat treats in the bed


Leave the treat inside of the bed, but don’t bring your cat to the bed. Wait till your kitty figure it out by its own. While you repeat this a few times, your cat gets used to the bed and starts using it.

Use catnip


Sprinkle some catnip in the bed. It’s better to use the powder type of catnip.

In general, cats love catnip, but some cats are allergic to catnip . . . so make sure your cat doesn’t have an allergy to catnip and also don’t give too much.

Lining the bet with fabric that smells familiar scent


Cats are territorial and feel comfortable with familiar scent. 
Line the bed with a towel, clothing or blanket with your cat’s scent. It makes your feline friend feels safe and comfortable in the bed. It’s also a good idea to line fabric that smells you for the same reason.

Making the bed appealing space !

Your cat doesn’t use the new bed . . . don’t give up easily !
Cats are cautious and careful, so it takes some time for them to get used to it normally. Don’t force your cat to use the bed ! Try various things such as mentioned above and make the bed your kitty’s favorite space !

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