Why doesn’t my cat use a cat bed? How to encourage a cat to use a cat bed.

It’s winter . . . it’s cold, so you bought a cat bed for your kitty to keep warm . . . but your cat doesn’t use the bed ! You might have an experience like that.
In this post, I’ll tell you the reasons why cats refuse to use their own bed sometimes and how to encourage them to use the bed.

The reasons why cats don’t use cat beds

Being forced to use a cat bed


After you buy a cat bed for your kitty, of course you want him/her to use the bed. But don’t force your kitty to use the bed !

Cats are curious but also timid and cautious, so when they see the cat bed first time, they show an interest. But, if you force them to go inside of the bed, they feel fear and they won’t use it.

Not the right style or material


It is normal that it takes some time for your kitty to get used to the new bed. But if your cat doesn’t use the bed for a long time, he/she might not like the style of the bed or the material of the bed.

Especially dome cat beds. . . some cats feel comfortable in a dark inside of the bed, but other cats are scared the dark space. If you are going to buy a cat bed for the first time, it may be a safe to choose an open-type cat bed.

Unpleasant smell


When we buy a new furniture or get in somebody’s car, we smell something different. Cats have great sense of smell, so they can distinguish different smells much more than humans. 

Some cats don’t like the new smell, and then they don’t use the bed. Also, some cats don’t use a used cat bed because of the smell of another cat.

If you are concerned about the smell of the bed, you can hang out the bed in the sun. It’s a good to get rid of fleas and ticks, too.

Understanding your cat

When you buy a cat bed for your kitty, you hope he/she likes it for sure, right ?

But remember don’t force your cat to use the bed even though he/she doesn’t use it smoothly. 

Check your kitty carefully, and make a comfortable bed !

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