How long does my cat spray in the house ? What is cat spraying ?

If you are a cat owner, you may hear about cat spraying. It is a problem if your cat starts spraying in the house. Why do cats spray ?
In this post, I’ll tell you the reasons why cats spray and how to prevent cats from spraying.

What is cat spraying ?

Cats spray or mark for territorial reasons.
It is said cats mark the area when they are relax, make an appeal of themselves and feel anxiety.

You may have an experience that you see a cat rubbing the body against wall and your leg . . . it is marking. They do those marking when they are relax. 

Sharpening their claws is also one of the marking. They have scent glands on their paws.

Cats also spray urine for marking territory. It has strong smell and urine-marking is one of the biggest problem for cat owners. The majority of cats that spray urine are un-neutered males, but neutered males and females sometimes spray urine, too.

There are different reasons why cats spray. For example, showing the territorial area to other cats, communicating with other cats and when they feel anxious.


How to stop cats spraying 

Get your cat neutered

Un-neutered male cats are the most likely to spray, so it is recommended to neuter your cat before six months of age. However some male cats don’t stop spraying even they are neutered and also some female cats spray.

Reducing stress

Cats sometimes spray because of stress. If your cat start spraying suddenly, it might be because of stress.

Cats don’t like change . . . cats can be stressed by some change in their environment. Check if you changed anything or added anything new, for example, changing food bowl, changing the pattern of meal and changing the location of the cat litter box. Especially careful about the location of the litter box. Make sure that you find comfortable place for your cat.


In case you have cats more than one . . . 

When cats live with other cats or when you add a new cat in your home, some cats spray to identify the area that they think their territory. If your cat start spraying after you introduce a new cat, the cat might be the reason. To prevent it, make time for them to play together to get along with each other and clean up the spray spots to take away the smell.

Cat spraying is an annoying habit but remember not to punish your cat. Punishment give your cat fear and stress. Take your time and check your feline friend carefully to identify the cause of spraying !


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