How to train a cat to stop bad behaviors !

The image of cats is selfish and do everything at their own pace . . . so compared with dogs, training cats seems like trickier, but to have a happy life, it’s important to train them.
In this post, I’ll tell you some of the tips how to train cats !

What do cats think about their owners ?

Dog recognizes his/her owner as a boss, so if the owner say “ no “, he/she stops doing it cause you are the boss.

On the other hand, cat recognizes his/her owner as another cat. When they lived in wild, they lived individually, so they don’t have the idea of the boss. . . because of that when you get mad at your cat, he/she tries to do it in a way that you won’t notice.

How cats think


Cats remember if they have a bad experience, and also they observe their owner carefully, so if they notice something that they don’t like happens, they hide or run away. You may have an experience when you get the nail clipper, your cat is gone . . .

You can utilize cat’s thought patterns to train your kitty.

Make use of the situations that cats don’t like !


If your cat has a bad habit such as jumping on table and stealing your meal, you can use duck tapes. Roll a piece of duck take into a ball and stick on the table. Cats don’t like duck tapes sticks their paw pads, so they won’t jump on the table.

If your cat has a biting habit, don’t respond and leave the room. Leave him/her alone for a while. After repeat that a few times, your cat will learn you won’t play with him/her if he/she bites you, and then he/she stops biting you.

Don’t punish your cat !


Punishment doesn’t teach your cat to stop bad habits, but just scared him/her. It sometimes makes your cat aggressive because of the fear, too.

To teach cats what to do is not easy and even make you feel stress, but be patient and don’t punish them !

Check your cat’s health conditions !

Sometimes cats show bad behaviors such as biting and scratching when they are sick. It’s important for you to check your cat regularly. Also, make some time to spend together everyday to build a strong bond with your cat.

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