How to train your cat to enjoy brushing !

Does your cat love brushing ?
Some of the cats enjoy the brushing and others don’t.
In this post, I’ll give you some of the tips how to train your cat to love the brushing !

Do you need to brush your cat ?

Cats groom themselves all the time by using the tongue and the front paws. They groom themselves not only to keep them clean, but also to eliminate fleas and to control their body temperature. Grooming was very important to defeat body odor to catch the prey when they lived in wild.

So, do cat’s owners need to give their kitty cat brushing ? . . . YES !

It’s important for you to brush your kitty cat regularly to eliminate loose hair, so you can reduce the amount of hair that your cat takes when he/she grooms and also giving your cat brushing is a good way to check your cat’s body and communicate your cat.

The tips how to brush your cat

If your cat loves bushing, no problem ! But if your cat doesn’t like brushing, every time you try to give your cat brushing, your cat kicks you, bites you and scratches you. . .

There are some of the tips how to brush your cat and make him/her love it !

Brush soft and gentle

Start slow and gentle while stroking your cat. Don’t put a lot of pressure on brush.

Start brushing with comfortable area

In general, cats don’t like to be touched sensitive area such as belly, so start brushing head to neck, then back to tail. Brush in the direction of the cat’s coat.

Other ideas. . .

Changing the brush

There are many different kinds of brushes. . . for instance, slicker brushes, rubber brushes and pin brushes. It may take time and cost some money, but try to find the right one for your feline friend !

How about this one ! !

Brushing when your cat is sleeping

When your cat is ready to fall sleep or is in a deep sleep, try to brush him/her, but don’t be surprise your kitty and start slow and be gentle.

Use your hand

If your cat won’t let you brush him/her, you can remove loose hair by your hands.
If you wet your hand, you can remove loose hair easier.

Start training when they are young !

It’s the best time to introduce brushing when they are young. If you adopt an adult cat for some reason, and the cat is not used to brushing, it may take time to train. . . but don’t give up. Be patient and introduce brushing step by step.

Brushing your cat is very important to keep him/her healthy, and also build a good relationship between you and your kitty, so enjoy brushing together !

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