Why do cats try to eat our food ? How to stop your cat from stealing your food !

You feed your cat and then you prepare your meal . . . your cat jumps on the table and steals your meal ! It is a bad manner and it isn’t so good sanitarily either.

In this post, I’ll tell you the reasons why cats are interested in our food and how to stop stealing the food.

Are cats foodies ?

It is said humans can detect 5 basic tastes . . . sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami.
When you look your tongue, you can see little bumps on the surface of the tongue.
It is called taste bud and they send a message to our brain when we put some food in our mouth. That’s why we can taste the food.

Dogs and cats can taste the food because of the taste buds, too.
The average person has around 10,000 taste buds.
Dogs have around 2,000 taste buds and Cats have around 500 taste buds.

Cats have taste buds only about 5% of us and dogs have taste buds only about 20% of us. It is said cats can taste bitter and sour ,but not much sweet and salty . . . Actually, cats are not foodies !

Why do cats show a interest in our food ?



Many cats are curiosity by nature. They want to know what you are eating, so come to taste, and some cats think human’s meal is better than their food, and then come to check whenever you cook and have your meal.

By accident

They taste our food accidentally, and it was delicious, so it became a habit to check your meal.

Is it ok to feed human foods for cats ?


In general, human foods contain too much sugar and salt for cats. If cats eat human foods regularly, it can cause health issues such as overweight and kidney disease.

Some human foods are poisonous for cat, for instance, onions and chocolate. . . and also, the nutritional needs for cats and humans are different, so don’t feed your cat human foods !

How to stop your cat from stealing your food !

It is not easy to train cats not to eat human foods after they taste human foods and they like it.

One of the way to deal with it, you can leave your cat another room and close the door or put in the cage, so your cat can’t bug you. Don’t feel sorry, human foods are not for the cat.

Keeping your cat in shape !


Your cat can’t choose the meal. It’s your responsibility to feed your kitty.

Keep your kitty in good shape for him/her to have a healthy and long life !

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