Why does your cat stop using the litter box !? Reasons cats stops using the litter box.

Because cats are very clean naturally and cover their poop instinctively, it’s not difficult to train to use the cat litter box, but sometimes cats stop using the litter box for some reason. . .

In this post, I’ll tell you reasons why they stop using the cat litter box and solutions for them to start using the box again.

Reasons why cats stop using their cat litter box

Bad experience

They had some bad experiences using the cat litter.

When they were using the litter box, they heard big noise or they feel pain because of cat cystitis . . .and they stop using the box.

Couldn’t use the litter box

When they wanted to use the litter box, they couldn’t use it for some reason such as they were locked in somewhere by accident . . . As a result, they couldn’t wait, then had an accident. It makes them think that they don’t have to use the litter box.

Good experience

When they had an accident somewhere else, for instance, on the blanket and couch. . . when they did it, they felt good and then, it becomes a habit.

What to do when your cat stops using the cat litter box


Put an extra litter box

Put one litter box per cat, plus one extra box.
Keep the litter box clean as much as possible, and find a proper place.

Spread aluminum foil

Cover the place where your cat has accidents with aluminum foil.
Cats tend to dislike the noise when they walk on the aluminum foil, so your cat won’t go there.

Change the location of the litter box

Sometimes they don’t use the litter box because they don’t feel comfortable the location of the litter box.

Reconsider the location of the litter box. Pick a quiet and low-traffic place where your cat can have privacy such as a quiet corner of a room.

Hide the objects

If your cat tends to make a mess on blankets, hide them, and if your cat has a favorite couch to use, don’t put your cat in the room.

Cats are the very smart animal !


Cats are very wise and smart. When they stop using the cat litterbox, there is a reason.

If your cat stops using the litter box, don’t get mad at him/her without thinking.

It’s important for you to find the reason why your kitty stops using the litter box, and then you should find the solution. To avoid the trouble, provide a comfortable environment and properly take care of your feline friend !

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