Cat Cystitis : Common causes and how to treat

Cystitis in cats is one of the common disease and most of the cases, it’s easy to treat.
In this post, I’ll tell you common causes and symptoms of cat cystitis and how to treat it.

Common cause of cat cystitis

Cat cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder. Bacterial infections of the bladder are the common cause.

When cats have cystitis, it’s painful when they urinate and they have the urge to urinate. To avoid cystitis, make sure to keep clean the cat litter !

Symptoms of cat cystitis

Frequency of urination

Using toilet more often and staying longer are one of the sign.

Urinating in other places

Even though your cat uses the cat litter, he/she starts urinating in unusual places of the house, too.

Painful urination

Making some noise during urination.

How should you treat cat with cystitis ?

猫 サラン

It goes away on its own sometimes, but it is painful and also can cause another problem.

If your cat shows the symptoms as described above and you feel something is wrong, take your cat to the vet as soon as possible !

Normally, the vet prescribe antibiotics. Within a few days you can see some recovery and it usually takes around one week to clear up the infection.

How to prevent cat cystitis

Keep the cat litter clean all the time. If your cat stays home alone during the daytime, you can put an extra cat litter box.

Keep your cat clean. Give your cat regular brushing . If your cat gets dirty, give a bath or wipe by pet-safe wipes.

Keep your cat in good shape. Especially if you have more than two kitties, make sure to provide a clean and proper environment and keep them in shape.

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