Cat doesn’t like to take a bath ? How to train a cat to tolerate a bath !

Cat doesn’t like water !

In general, it is said cats don’t like to take a bath. There are some opinions regarding this. One theory is because their ancestors lived in desert area, so they were not used to water, and it still remains the habit.

Also, compared to dogs, the hair of cat doesn’t repel water, so it takes time to dry when the hair gets wet. It is said it may be another reason that they don’t like to get wet.

To eliminate the resistance to having a bath, it’s important to train your cat to tolerate a bath.

In this post, I’ll give you some tips how to train a cat to take a bath !

When can you start giving your kitty a bath ?

You can start giving your cat a bath around 2 months old.

Because under 2 months of age, cats can’t adjust their body temperature well, don’t give them a bath at least 8 weeks old.

How to give your cat a bath for the first time !

For the first time, your cat doesn’t know what is happening, and is nervous, so don’t scare him/her. Don’t put your cat in a bathtub filled with hot water or use a shower. You can use some container that is big enough for your cat and put 3 to 5 inches of lukewarm water ( about 38 degrees ). Place your cat in the container slowly, and pour warm water little by little. Let your cat get used to the bath gradually.

Shampoo your cat

If you use human shampoo, it may give your cat some problem such as skin trouble. Make sure wash your kitty by cat shampoo. Work from the head to the tail, but avoid the face and especially be careful around the ears.

Rinse your cat

After the shampoo, rinse your cat. Don’t use a shower directly. You can use your hand or a cup to pour the warm water.

Dry your cat


Wrap your cat by a warm towel and dry well.

Use a hair dryer


If your cat doesn’t mind the noise of a hair dryer, you can use the dryer, too.
Just make sure to use lower heat and don’t blow the same spot for a long time.

How often should you give your cat a bath ?

Cats are known as a clean animal and they groom themselves all the time, so you don’t need to give them a bath very often.
In general, for an average indoor cat, you can give a bath two times per year.

Let your cat enjoy a bath !

Start giving your cat a bath when he/she is a kitten and reassure your kitty gradually !

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