Cat Love Bites . . . Why do they do that and What do they mean ?

Cats sometimes bite you gently . . . “ cat love bites “ is a natural behavior and they learn it when they are kittens through playing with mom and siblings. When cats bite you gently, they are happy and show affection.

But if they grow up without learning this behavior for some reason, they might really bite you. In that case, you need to teach your kitty the difference between love bites and real bites.

In this post, I’ll tell you some of the tips how to teach “ cat love bites “ !

If cat doesn’t know “ cat love bites “ ?

Cats learn love bites through spending time with their mom and siblings when they are kittens naturally. If they grow up without learning love bites for some reason, they don’t know how strong they should bite when they just want to play . . . it may cause some troubles, for instance, they bite your finger too strong even they just want to show affection.

How to teach the difference between cat love bites and real bites !

Play with your cat

Usually, they learn love bites through playing other cats, so play with your kitty and if he/she bites you for real, stop playing, then say “ ouch “ sharply . When he/she bites you gently, reward him/her.

Use cat’s toys

Using the toys, you can train when the cat can bite or can’t bite.

Through repeating these processes, he/she can learn the difference between gentle bites and regular bites !

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