Cat – Hair Shedding Season. The facts about shedding in cats !

The cats have shedding season twice a year. It changes the quality of the hair.
They lose hair in shedding season more than other time, and if you don’t do anything when your cat is losing the hair, it’s gonna be so much mess everywhere . . .

In this post, I’ll tell you some of the tips to help shedding your feline friend !

When is the shedding season ?

Perhaps you have an image that the cat loses hair a lot summer and winter, but the shedding seasons are spring and fall . . .March and November are the peak shedding time.

In the spring, they lose their heavy winter coat for summer time and in the fall, they grow a new coat for winter time.

Don’t leave loose hair !

Cats lose their hair all year round, and especially the shedding seasons. If you don’t do anything, it causes some problems . . .


Cats groom themselves all the time by licking their hair, so they swallow the loose hair. Normally, they spit out a hairball to get rid of the hair they swallowed sometimes. Even though so, if you don’t brush them, they take a lot of loose hair and it causes more vomiting which is hard on them. It’s also give them a risk a hairball to get stuck in their stomach and make them sick.

Cat hair everywhere !

Every cat sheds . . . it’s a natural and normal for cats.
You might have an experience you found cat hair all over your black shirts !

Some of the tips how to deal with cat hair shedding !

Give your cat a bath


It is said most cats don’t like to have a bath, but if your cat doesn’t mind getting a bath, it’s a good idea to give a bath. You can remove quite a bit of loose hair and can remove excess oil, too.

Brush your cat frequently


Brushing your cat regularly is one of the important thing to keep your kitty friend healthy, especially shedding seasons ! Brush your cat frequently to remove dead and loose hair and reduce the risk of hairballs.

Mop the floor


In the shedding seasons, there are lot’s of loose hair on the floor, so it’s important to clean floor on a daily basis and it’s recommended to mop the floor once in a while.

Keep clean not only for your kitty, but also for yourself !

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