Do cats have boogers ? What is the cause ? How to deal with it !

Cats have boogers as well as us, and some cats have more than others. If your cat has a booger, you may wonder if it causes for him/her to have a stuffed nose and also it doesn’t look cool anyway . . . Why do they have boogers and is it ok to leave ?
In this post, I’ll tell you the reasons why they have boogers and how to clean it.

The reasons why cats have boogers

Why do they have boogers and why some cats have them more regularly than others ?

Cats are known as a very clean animal and they groom themselves all the time, but it is difficult for them to clean inside of the nose, so sometimes the booger stays in their nose. The cats that have eye discharge and/or earwax regularly tend to have boogers more often than others.

Check your cat !


When they are awake, their nose is wet normally. If your cat has a dry nose and has white powdery booger, it might be a sigh of some disease, so take your kitty to the vet to check !

How to clean it !


Clean by tissue

Hold their head and clean the nose by tissue. Don’t rub strongly, wipe gently.

Clean by Q-tips

If it doesn’t clean easy by tissue because the booger is inside of nose, you can try a Q-tip. Before using it, dip a Q-tip in warm water. . . you can clean better and easier !

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