How much do cats sleep ? Facts about cat’s sleep !

Cats are known as an animal that sleep a lot. It is said cats sleep about 15 hours on average. And then, when they are awake, they eat, play and lick their body . . . Isn’t their life great !?
In this post, I’ll tell you about cat’s sleep !

The cat sleeps more than twice as human !

The average of the cat’s sleep is as follows :
Adult cats : 14 hours ( 58 % of a day )
Kittens : 19 hours ( 79 % of a day )

Wow! They sleep a lot ! Kittens are awake only 20 % of a whole day !
Why do they sleep that long !?

The reasons why the cats sleep for a long time !

They are predatory animals historically. Because they didn’t know when they could catch a prey, they needed to save energy for hunting. Cats are crepuscular, so they are most active during twilight, and they tend to sleep more during the daytime and middle of the night.

Do cats sleep in light or deep ?


There are two types of sleep : rapid eye movement sleep ( REM ) and non-rapid eye movement sleep ( NREM ). REM is light sleep and non-REM is deep sleep, and when we sleep, we cycle between REM sleep and non-REM sleep. So is the cat. But the ratio of the sleep is different between human and cat.

The average cat’s sleep cycle is as follows :
REM sleep : around 60 minutes
Non-REM sleep : abound 6 , 7 minutes

The cat sleeps much more than us but the most of the time they sleep, they aren’t in deep sleep.

Cat sleeping positions and the meaning

The Curled Up

When cats sleep curled up, they tend to feel cold, so make sure you have proper room temperature.

They may be worried about something and protect themselves and also want to be left alone. If your cat sleeps curled up, leave him/her alone.

Stretch their legs

They feel comfortable and are relaxed, but they may be a little bit cautious.

The Belly Up

A cat’s belly is a very vulnerable spot, so when they sleep belly up, they are totally relaxed and also may feel hot.

Giving a happy nap time for your feline friend !


When you are sleeping if somebody wakes you up unexpectedly, you get grumpy . . . so are cats and even it can cause giving them stress.

When they are sleeping, they look so cute and you may want to pet them, but be patient and leave them alone !

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