Shedding in cats. How to deal with hairballs in cats !

Cats groom themselves regularly. When they lick their hair, they swallow loose and dead hair that can cause a hairball. Usually the hair they swallow goes out from the body naturally, but sometimes it stays inside of the body, and cause serious problem. It’s important for a cat owner to help the grooming, so you can reduce the chances for them to have hairball problem.
In this post, I’ll tell you some hints on how to deal with hairballs in cats.

4 home remedies for your cat’s hairballs

1. Use cat snacks


There are various cat snacks for hairball remedies. You can use these snacks to prevent hairballs. It’s easy to do and cats love it, too !

Just be careful about age. Many of the snacks are not good for kittens, so don’t forget to check age before you feed them !

2. Brushing your cat regularly


When cats swallow their hair a lot, they may need to vomit the hairball to get rid of it and even give a risk to develop intestinal obstruction. Brushing cats regularly is very important to keep them clean and prevent hairballs especially for long-haired cats.

Indoor cats usually shed all year round cause they live appropriate room temperature all year round, so you always need to brush them.

Brush them soft and gently. If your cat refuses brushing, don’t force it, just stop it. Start just short time and brush them when they are relax and calm. Get them used to brushing little by little.

3. Giving your cat a bath


Cats groom themselves everyday to keep them clean, so you don’t have to wash them. But if your cat is shedding a lot and won’t let you give him / her brushing, you can give him / her a bath, but don’t wash too often. Once in a month is enough.

Make sure you use cat’s shampoo because human shampoo is not suitable for cat hair and skin. It can cause some skin problems.

4. Changing the diet to hairball control cat food


If you are concerned about hairballs, you can try to change the diet to hairball control cat food. Just don’t forget to check for age, cause most of hairball control cat food are unsuitable for kittens as well as cat snacks.

Some cats prefer cat grass. Providing cat grass helps for them to throw hairball up. You can get or grow cat grass.

Give your feline friend proper prevention of hairballs !


Hairballs are a common problem in cats and may cause serious disease. Shaving  cats is not recommended because it may interfere with thermoregulation and sometimes give them stress, too.

Give proper cares to prevent your cat from hairballs such as regular brushing and feed hairball control food, and keep your kitty healthy and happy !

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