Loss of appetite in cats ! How to stimulate cat’s appetite !

It is said cats are picky about food. However when your cat loses his / her appetite or stop eating, you’re worried about him / her for sure. Why don’t they eat? What should I do ? . . . In this post, I’ll give you some of the tips how to encourage their appetite !

Why do Cats lose appetite ?

Cats can catch a cold as well as us and one of the common symptoms of cold is stuffy nose. Normally, cats sniff their meals before eating it. Cats sniff the food to judge if it’s ok to eat. If their nose is stuffed up, it makes difficult for them to take a sniff of food, and some cats won’t eat their meal.

Appetite loss is also one of the common symptoms of many different disease. If your cat loses appetite and seems weak, take him / her to the vet to check !

How to stimulate cat’s appetite !

Mixing wet food with dry food


Wet food has stronger smell than dry food. If your cat has stuffy nose, add some wet food on the top of dry food. It helps for him / her to recognize the meal.

Wet food also has higher water content than dry food. If your cat has a cold and doesn’t take proper water, you can feed wet food instead of dry food.

Warm up wet/dry food


If you warm up the cat food ( wet and dry ), it can make the food stronger smell.
Warm up the food in the microwave. For dry food, add some warm water before you put it in the microwave.

Feed some chicken breast strips


If your cat refuse to eat cat food ( wet and dry ), try to feed chicken breast strips.
Boil or cook in the microwave, and split small pieces. You can feed it separately or mix with dry food.

Feed hill’s a/d Canine/Feline food for the nutritional support


Hill’s canned cat food is high quality and has stronger smell than general canned cat food. So, your cat has a cold and / or is weak, you can feed it for the nutritional support although it’s a bit pricey. Cause Hill’s canned food is smooth paste, it’s easy to eat, so it’s good for senior cats, too.

Support your feline friend !


When cats are not feeling well, they may not eat even though you try to make them eat. Loss of appetite can be the sign of serious disease. Check your feline friend regularly, and control the diet. If you notice any difference, take your kitty to the vet to check !

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