How do you give a cat a pill ?

When you live with a cat, you definitely have some chances to give a pill to your cat such as antibiotics tablets and deworming tablets. However, to give a pill is not that easy. There are some cats to take pills with no problem if you mix with their food, but unfortunately most of cats refuse and spit pills out because of the taste.
In this post, I’ll tell you a tip how to give a cat a pill !

Nobody likes the taste of pills !

Have you ever wonder why pills taste so bad . . . it seems like same as cats.

Some pills are small and you can mix in food, but most of cats can notice the pill and refuse to take it because they usually take a sniff their food well before they eat.

How to give a pill

  1. Hold the body and head, and put a finger from the corner of the mouth.
  2. Drop the pill over the back of the tongue to avoid your cat spitting it out.
  3. Keep holding the mouth, and push the pill further back on the tongue. Cause they don’t have uvulas, they have weak vomiting reflex, so normally they don’t spit the pill out. But be careful don’t push too far.
  4. Close and hold the mouth till you are sure the pill is swallowed, then release the cat. You can tap their head if it takes time to swallow the pill. It’s recommended to give some water after they take the pill to avoid esophagitis.

If you have trouble to give a pill to your kitty cat, try this and don’t forget to praise your feline friend after they take the pill !

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