The Bengal Cat Breed Facts and Personality : The Fabulous Markings looks like a Leopard !

The Bengal cat looks like a miniature leopard with distinct markings. The wild-looking is stunningly beautiful and exotic.  We’re going to tell you all about these wonderful and beautiful felines!

History of Bengal Cats

The Bengal Cat is the breed which was created through crosses between an Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) and a domestic cat.

The origin of the Bengal cat dates back to 1970’s. During this period, the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) was endangerd by nature destruction with the development of industry. A protection activity was carried out to save the ALC from extinction crisis. Crossing an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat, 9 kittens were born.

The Bengal was first appeared in a cat show in 1985, and then some of cat breeders started breeding of the Bengal in fascination of the appearance. Through multiplying crossing mostly short hair cat breeds such as Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Egyptian Mau and Siamese cat, the Bengal Cat Breed has been achieved! Today, the Bengal should be separated by at least four generations removed from any wild bloodline.

Is there any connection between a Bengal Cat and a Bengal Tiger ?

You may think it’s named because of a Bengal tiger. Nope! It’s named from the official name of the Asian Leopard Cat ( P.b.bengalensis ). For sure ,the marking of the Bengal is alike the Bengal Tiger a bit, but there is no connection between the Bengal Cat and  the Bengal Tiger.

Bengal Cat Characteristics : The markings look like a Leopard

 Physical Appearance

The first thing most people noticed about the Bengal is the marking like a Leopard. It makes them very cool looking! The marking is called “ Rosette “, and the Bengal is the only domestic cat which has rosetted marking. They have the wonderful coat which is soft, sleek, and shine. They have slim, keen and well-balanced appearance.


Bengal cats are normally quite large. Males weigh on average between 10 – 16 lbs ( 4.6 kg ~ 7.5 kg ) and females 7 – 14 lbs ( 3.1 kg ~ 6.0 kg ). Bengals have large bones and a long muscular body which looks like a leopard.


The life expectancy of Bengal is the same as many as other cats: 12 ~ 15 years.
To give a happy and long life, it’s important to check your kitten regularly.


Bengals may look very active, but they are known to be quiet and easygoing contrary to their appearance.They love to go on their own pace. They are also known to be super intelligent and very playful. They are affectionate and friendly with everyone. They even answer and come when you call their name!

Caring for Bengals


Bengals have a lot of energy and need plenty of exercise, but they tend to lack exercise.
Lack of exercise is related to overweight and a cause of health issues. So, let’s support their exercise!

First, set up a comfortable environment. Getting a cat tower is a good idea! They love to play with it and it gives them a good exercise. Check online stores! You can find many different types of cat towers, and reasonable ones , too.

Another recommendation is cat toys like wand toys and feather toys. They are inexpensive and easy to play. Enjoy playing with your feline friend ! Playing with cats is not only good for cat’s exercise, but makes stronger bond between you and your cat.


Bengals should be slim and athletic, but it’s easy to gain weight in an environment marked by easygoing indoor life. You also need to be carefully for free feeding.
To avoid overweight, it’s recommended to feed low-calorie, but high-protein diet. It’s important to feed a good quality and well-balanced food, and plenty of fresh water.


Bengals are generally healthy, but you need to be careful about stress.
Cat’s cystitis is caused by stress! Most of cats don’t like change, so make comfortable and cozy environment as stress-free as possible for your feline friend.



Bengal Cats are a still rare breed, so the price of Bengals tend to be higher than average of other breeds. The price of a Bengal cat depends on quality like marking, color, age and lots of other factors. On the average, a Bengal cat price is between $1,000 and $2,000.It’s more common to get a Bengal cat from a breeder than a pet store.To get a perfect Bengal for you, it’s very important to choose a good breeder.

As noted above, the cost of a Bengal depends on marking and/or color.
Some breeders are very loyal to the pattern of the marking.

SEIRYU BENGALS is a Bengal cat breeder, and located in Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. They have beautiful and gorgeous Bengals. Check it out!

The Bengals have a wild appearance that stands out in contrast to their friendly and lovable temperament ! They are also very intelligent. They are great breed as a companion and family pet. If you are looking for an active, affectionate, playful and elegant cat, then a Bengal is for you !

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