Is your cat annoying you at night ? . . .Why do cats meow at night ?

Cats are originally nocturnal animals which means they are the most active at night.
If you have a cat, you may be woken up in the middle of the night by your cat meowing or because your cat ran all over the house. They can be noisy and active in night time, especially when they don’t get enough exercise in daytime.
In this post, I’ll tell you why cats meow at night and how to prevent it !

Are you bothering about your cat meowing at night ?

After a busy day, you are finally ready to go to bed . . . zzz. . . you’re in a dream, then suddenly “ meow, meow and meow”. . . OMG !

If your cat makes noise every night, you can’t sleep well and cause stress . . .It’s not good for you and for your feline friend, either. There are different reasons that cats meow at night. To prevent meowing at night, it’s important to understand why they make noise and/or what they are looking for.

Reasons why cats meow at night

Because they are hungry

If your cat starts meowing around 4 am, probably because he or she is hungry.
To prevent it, you can try to change the feeding pattern. You can divide the amount the food and increase the number of meals or you can feed some food just before you go to bed. You can also try an automatic cat feeder, so you can set the time that your cat normally starts meowing.

Because they feel lonely or want to play

If your cat starts meowing as soon as you go to sleep, he or she may feel lonely and wants you to play with him or her especially if your cat spends most of the daytime alone. So, even though you are tired after a busy day, take some time for your kitty cat and play with them. To spend time together, they’re relieved and also makes stronger bond between you and your cat !

If they start meowing more even you make some time for them every day, ignore them. They may think if they meow, you play with them.

Because the litter box is dirty

Cats are very clean, so if the litter box is dirty, they may not use the litter box and meow to let you know. It can cause peeing on a bed, too.

why does my cat pee on my bed? . . . Reasons and how to deal with and stop it !

Make sure the cat litter box is clean before you go to bed.

Don’t yell at them or hit them !

When cats are meowing at night, they’re telling you something. It’s very important for you to understand why they cry and then, consider the solution to stop it . . . Don’t yell at them or hit them, just because they’re bugging you. It doesn’t solve the problem, but just scares them. It even causes more meowing and also lose their trust !

Build a good relationship with your cat !

There are various reasons for your cat’s night meowing and much more.
It can be a sign for some health issues, so it’s important for you to check your cat regularly.

Nevertheless, most important thing to prevent your cat’s meowing is to build a strong relationship of trust with your cat, because they meow when they feel anxious, scared or lonely. Spend lot’s of time together and understand them, and then enjoy the bedtime with your feline friend !

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