Why does my cat pee on my bed ? . . . Reasons and how to deal with and stop it !

Sleeping with your kitty cat in your bed is a special time for cat owners ! However, you may have an experience that you woke up because of wet sheet . . . When cats pee anywhere other than in their litterbox, there are various reasons.

In this post, I’ll tell you some of the reasons why cats pee on a bed, how to deal with it, and solutions to prevent peeing on your bed.

Reasons why they pee on your bed

Some items they like to pee on !

  • The comfortable duvet

Especially the soft and fluffy comfortable one plus silky smooth sheets !

  • The clean laundry on a bed

After you finished laundry, you left the laundry on a bed carelessly . . . Oops!
They also like fresh and soft pile of the laundry.

  • The nylon fabric


Somehow they seem like prefer nylon fabric such as LeSportsac !?
If you have a favorite nylon bag or you are using a nylon bag regularly, don’t leave the bag on a bed or on floor.

The dirty litter box


If the litter box is dirty, they tend to choose other places to go potty.
It is same as us, so make sure you clean the cat litterbox daily and keep it clean.



Cats show great sensitivity to small changes.
Cats feel stress about the changes and may result in peeing on a bed.

If your cat pees on your bed . . . how to clean it !

Wash some part of the duvet

If your cat made a mess just small area, you don’t have to wash the whole duvet.
You can wrap the area that you want to wash by something such as elastic bands, so you won’t miss the spot. After you finish to wash, wipe wider area a bit than the spot, so it doesn’t show much difference to unwashed area. Don’t forget to loosen the feather inside of the duvet and then dry naturally. It usually takes a day to dry the duvet.

Wash the whole duvet


If the duvet smells bad, you may need to wash the whole duvet.
You can wash by yourself or use a washing machine.

  1. Use a bathtub
    Put a duvet in a bathtub and pour detergent and warm water. And then, stomp it !
  2. Wash by a washing machine
    You can also use the washing machine. Just make sure the washing machine has enough space for the duvet.

It’s recommended to put the duvet in a dryer to make half dry, and then to loose feather to make even.

Taking to the dry cleaning


Washing the duvet by yourself doesn’t cost money, but sometimes it’s destroy the shape and quality. To take to the dry cleaning, you don’t need to worry about it. Usually, it costs around ¥8,000 ( $75 ).

Create an environment

Well, nobody likes stinky and wet bed. But cats don’t pee to give you a problem.
If your cat has a habit to pee outside of the litter box, it may take time to stop. So, don’t get angry and be patient. It’s also a good idea to change to a washable duvet, so whenever your feline friend makes a mess, it’s easy to clean it.

Tips of how to prevent peeing on a bed

To avoid a goose feather duvet


It is said cats can smell the goose, so they pee on it. They also love the soft and fluffy duvet. It makes them feel good and somehow have an urge to pee. So, if you use a goose feather duvet, and your kitty pees on it, changing the duvet to another material comforter might be a good idea to stop the bad habit.

Put the duvet away every morning

After you get up, put the duvet away !
That way, you don’t need to worry that your cat makes a mess on your bed in the daytime, and then put the duvet back when you go to bad. It helps for them to understand that the bed is not the place for pee, but it’s a special place to be able to sleep with their favorite person.

Don’t blame cats !


Peeing on a bed is definitely a bad habit, but they don’t know why it’s a bad thing to do. Don’t be mad. Take a deep breath and take your time to train them, and then enjoy the bedtime with your feline friend !

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