The Singapura Cat Breed Facts and Personality : The smallest cat breed that is called a Little Fairy !

Singapura Cat is famous as the smallest cat breed. They weigh only around 4.5 lbs ( 2kg ). I’m going to tell you about these angel-like cute felines !

History of Singapura Cat

The Singapura Cat was originally street cats in Singapore that were known as a drain cat because they lived in drain and caught mice.

Mr. and Mrs. Meadow from the United States stayed in Singapore for a business trip and they were fascinated with the drain cats. So, they brought them back to US. Singapura Cats were developed as a breed in the 1970s and officially registered as a breed of Singapura in 1988.

The Singapura cats are called under the nickname of Kucinta which means the cat of love in Singapore.

Singapura Cat Characteristics

Physical Appearance

The most distinguish characteristic of Singapuras is their small size and their big eyes and big ears are also their attractive features !


The smallest domestic cat breed, the Singapura males only weigh on average 6 – 7.7 lbs ( 2.7 ~ 3.5 kg ) and females 4.5 – 6.6 lbs ( 2.2 ~ 3 kg ). Even after they are full-grown up, their size is about half size of average cats.


The life expectancy of Singapura is the same as other cats : 11 ~ 15 years.
To give a happy and long life, it’s important to check your kitten regularly.

Singapura Cat Personality

The Singapura Cats are very quiet and have little voice. They are affectionate and loyal to the owner. On the other hand, they have curious and playful temperament. Singapuras are usually cautious and shy a bit to new people.

Caring for Singapura Cats

Introducing a Singapura Cat to other pets and kids

Singapura Cat is a gentle and friendly, so they can get along with other companies – human and animals. But they have a shy temperament and don’t like noise . . . so when you introduce your cat to other pets and/or kids, be careful and don’t be scare them. Take time . . . carefully and slowly.

Careful about cold

As a breed originating from warm climate, the Singapuras are strong for heat, but don’t like cold. Make sure to keep proper room temperature and comfortable spaces.

Play with your feline friend

The Singapura Cat is usually quiet, but also mischievous and active. They love to jump, climb and chase. . . very playful !

It’s a great idea to get toys and play with your feline friend ! Playing with them makes stronger bond between you and your cat, too !


The Singapura Cat is a quiet and calm.
To avoid overweight, it’s recommend to feed a calorie-controlled cat food. It’s important to feed a good quality and well-balanced food.

Singapura Cat Price

There are not many Singapura Cat breeders yet, so the price of Singapura Cat tends to be a bit higher than average of other breeds but stable. On average of a Singapura Cat price is between $1,700 and $2,500 ( ¥180,000 ~ ¥260,000 ).

Living with Singapura Cats !

The smallest cat, Singapura is affectionate, playful and intelligent. They remain kitten-like appearance.

If you are looking for a small size cat which is lovely, curious and intelligent, then a Singapura is for you !

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