The Munchkin Cat Breed Facts and Personality : Sweet and Cute short-legged cat !

The Munchkin Cat is super sweet looking with short legs and becoming a popular breed more and more recently. You may be curious about Munchkins !
I’m going to tell you about these cute, lovable and playful felines !

History and Characteristics of Munchkin Cats

Short-legged cats are not new. They have seen as early as 1930s. However, in 1983, two cats with short-legged were found under a pickup truck in U.S. Which is told the origin of Munchkin Cat breed.

Munchkin cats have short legs because of a mutation and this is the most recognizable feature of them. However, there are Munchkins that have regular sized legs of cats, too. Short-legged Munchkins are more popular than regular size legged ones.

Munchkin Cat has a large round shaped eyes and big triangular ears. Because of short legs, they walk with their tail straight up and shake their butt a bit to keep the balance. It looks too cute to stop loving them !

Munchkin Cat Personality

Munchkin Cat is energetic, active and playful. You may think their short legs make them difficult running around . . .nope ! They can move fast and even can make a quick turn. They can be vert agile.

Munchkin Cat is friendly and love to stay around the owner. They are also very intelligent and curious about everything.

Tips of how to deal with Munchkin Cat

How to train Munchkin Cats

The Munchkin is outgoing and has lot’s of energy. . . sometimes too munch. . .They can be naughty, so it’s important to train them.

Munchkin Cat is a very smart cat and can learn quickly, but remember don’t punish or shout ! It’s just scared them. . . let’s train them with patience !

Play with Munchkin Cat

Munchkin cats are playful and love to play, so get toys and play with them !
Playing with your feline friend makes stronger bond between you and your cat, too!

Munchkin Cat Price

Because Munchkin is a relatively new breed, there are not enough breeders. So the price of Munchkin tends to be higher than average of other breeds. The price of a Munchkin Cat depends on qualities like marking and color and also length of legs. Short-legged Munchkins tend to be more popular and expensive. On the average, Munchkin Cat price is between $850 and $1,900 ( ¥90,000 ~ ¥200,000 ).

Caring for Munchkin Cats


The Munchkin doesn’t need a special diet, but because they are very active cat, it’s recommended to feed high-protein diet. It’s important to feed a good quality and well-balanced diet.


Munchkin’s short legs are caused by genetic mutation, and it may cause some health issues such as spinal malformations and rib abnormalities.

To keep your feline friend healthy and good shape, it’s important to check them regularly and take them to vet for regular checkups every year.

Living with Munchkin Cats !

The Munchkin Cat is sweet and lovable. They are playful and love to run and chase objects like toys.

If you are looking for a friendly, affectionate and adorable cat and also want to play with your feline friend, then a Munchkin is for you !

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