The Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Facts and Personality : Famous breed known as a Forest Cat !

The Norwegian Forest Cat is an elegant cat and known as one of the largest cat along with Maine Coon and Ragdoll. The fluffy and silky-smooth coat is their attractive feature. We’re going to tell you about these sweet and lovely felines !

History of the Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a very old breed which originated in Norway, and dates back to around the 10thcentury. They have been featured in folk tales and mythology for long time. One of the story is that they were the giant cats that pulled the chariot for Freya the Goddess of Love in Norse Mythology. Another one is that Thor tried to take them away, but couldn’t, cause they were too heavy !

The Norwegian Forest cats were used for mousers, and farmers and sailors prized them for their great hunting skill. Though the numbers of the breed were devastated once, breeders tried to preserve and promote them, and saved the breed. The Norwegian Forest Cats are an old breed, but they are considered a new breed in the United States, because they have a similar appearance to Maine Coons, it took time to be recognized as another breed.

Norwegian Forest Cat Characteristics

Physical Appearance

The Norwegian Forest Cats have a water resistant long coat with dense and rich undercoat that keep them warm for harsh and cold winter time. Their fluffy, silky and soft coat with lion-like mane makes them gorgeous and elegant. Their paws are big and have fur between the toes !




Norwegian Forest Cat is a larger than the average of other cats.Males weigh on average between 10 – 18 lbs ( 4.5 ~ 8 kg ) and females 7.8 – 11 lbs ( 3.5 ~ 5 kg ).
Usually it takes around a year for cats to reach to their full-grown, but for Norwegian Forest Cat, it takes around three years to become an adult because of the size of the breed.


The life span expectancy of Norwegian Forest Cat is 11 ~ 14 years. It is a bit short-lived compared to average life-span of cats. To give a happy and long life, it’s important to check your feline friend regularly !

Norwegian Forest Cat Personality : Dogs of the cat world !


The Norwegian Forest Cat is a very smart and independent. They have a good memory and can learn quickly.
They are a gentle and friendly and love to spend time with their owners, but don’t demand constant attention and petting.

Caring for Norwegian Forest Cat


Norwegian Forest Cat has fluffy long-hair and brushy tail.To avoid knots and matting, Norwegian Forest Cat must be groomed daily.

Regular grooming also makes less hair on the floor. There are many different types of brushes and combs. Make sure you get right one !

Careful about heat


Norwegian Forest Cat is strong for cold, but don’t like heat. Make sure to keep comfortable room temperature and comfort zone.

Another option is a summer cut ! You can shave your kitty’s hair around their stomach area, so you can make their body temperature cooler.

A tip of how to care Norwegian Forest Cat

Because of their long fluffy tail, sometimes ends up poop stuck their butt. . .You can cut or shave around butt area regularly !

Norwegian Forest Cat Price

Norwegian Forest Cat is a popular breed and there are enough breeders. You can get them from pet stores as well as breeders. The price of the Norwegian Forest Cat tends to be affordable and stable. On the average, a Norwegian Forest Cat price is between $750 and $1,700 ( ¥80,000 ~ ¥180,000 ).


Norwegian Forest Cat has a muscular body and very active. To keep them healthy and good shape, it’s recommended to feed high-protein diet. It’s important to feed a good quality and well-balanced diet !

Living with Norwegian Forest Cats !

Norwegian Forest Cats are a large and handsome looking cat !
If you are looking for a gentle, intelligent, friendly and lovely cat, then a Norwegian Forest Cat is for you !

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