How to live with cats

How to train your cat to enjoy brushing !

Does your cat love brushing ? Some of the cats enjoy the brushing and others don’t. In this post, I’ll give you some of the tips how to train your cat to love the brushing ! Do you need to brush your cat ? Cats groom themselves all the time by using the tongue and the front paws. They groom themselves not only to keep them clean, but also to eliminate fleas and to control their body temperature. Grooming was very important to defeat body odor to catch the prey when they lived in wild. So, do cat’s owners need to give their kitty cat brushing ? . . . YES !…

How to live with cats

Why does your cat stop using the litter box !? Reasons cats stops using the litter box.

Because cats are very clean naturally and cover their poop instinctively, it’s not difficult to train to use the cat litter box, but sometimes cats stop using the litter box for some reason. . . In this post, I’ll tell you reasons why they stop using the cat litter box and solutions for them to start using the box again. Reasons why cats stop using their cat litter box Bad experience They had some bad experiences using the cat litter. When they were using the litter box, they heard big noise or they feel pain because of cat cystitis . . .and they stop using the box. Couldn’t use the…

How to live with cats

Why do cats try to eat our food ? How to stop your cat from stealing your food !

You feed your cat and then you prepare your meal . . . your cat jumps on the table and steals your meal ! It is a bad manner and it isn’t so good sanitarily either. In this post, I’ll tell you the reasons why cats are interested in our food and how to stop stealing the food. Are cats foodies ? It is said humans can detect 5 basic tastes . . . sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. When you look your tongue, you can see little bumps on the surface of the tongue. It is called taste bud and they send a message to our brain when…

How to live with cats

Cat Cystitis : Common causes and how to treat

Cystitis in cats is one of the common disease and most of the cases, it’s easy to treat. In this post, I’ll tell you common causes and symptoms of cat cystitis and how to treat it. Common cause of cat cystitis Cat cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder. Bacterial infections of the bladder are the common cause. When cats have cystitis, it’s painful when they urinate and they have the urge to urinate. To avoid cystitis, make sure to keep clean the cat litter ! Symptoms of cat cystitis Frequency of urination Using toilet more often and staying longer are one of the sign. Urinating in other places Even…

How to live with cats

Cat doesn’t like to take a bath ? How to train a cat to tolerate a bath !

Cat doesn’t like water ! In general, it is said cats don’t like to take a bath. There are some opinions regarding this. One theory is because their ancestors lived in desert area, so they were not used to water, and it still remains the habit. Also, compared to dogs, the hair of cat doesn’t repel water, so it takes time to dry when the hair gets wet. It is said it may be another reason that they don’t like to get wet. To eliminate the resistance to having a bath, it’s important to train your cat to tolerate a bath. In this post, I’ll give you some tips how…

How to live with cats

Cat Love Bites . . . Why do they do that and What do they mean ?

Cats sometimes bite you gently . . . “ cat love bites “ is a natural behavior and they learn it when they are kittens through playing with mom and siblings. When cats bite you gently, they are happy and show affection. But if they grow up without learning this behavior for some reason, they might really bite you. In that case, you need to teach your kitty the difference between love bites and real bites. In this post, I’ll tell you some of the tips how to teach “ cat love bites “ ! If cat doesn’t know “ cat love bites “ ? Cats learn love bites through spending…

How to live with cats

Cat – Hair Shedding Season. The facts about shedding in cats !

The cats have shedding season twice a year. It changes the quality of the hair. They lose hair in shedding season more than other time, and if you don’t do anything when your cat is losing the hair, it’s gonna be so much mess everywhere . . . In this post, I’ll tell you some of the tips to help shedding your feline friend ! When is the shedding season ? Perhaps you have an image that the cat loses hair a lot summer and winter, but the shedding seasons are spring and fall . . .March and November are the peak shedding time. In the spring, they lose their…

How to live with cats

Dangerous! Harmful foods you shouldn’t give cats !

When you are eating, your cat comes and starts meowing and stares at you to get some share . . . It’s too cute to refuse . . . but some foods are poisonous for cats ! In this post, I’ll tell you some of the harmful foods for cats. Onions and Garlic Onions, green onions, leeks, garlic and shallots are harmful foods for cats. They can cause damage to your cat’s red blood cells. Because they contain sulfoxides and disulphides , when they eat them, they can cause anemia, gastrointestinal problems, weakness, vomiting . . . even there is a risk to die . . . Usually they don’t…

How to live with cats

Do cats have boogers ? What is the cause ? How to deal with it !

Cats have boogers as well as us, and some cats have more than others. If your cat has a booger, you may wonder if it causes for him/her to have a stuffed nose and also it doesn’t look cool anyway . . . Why do they have boogers and is it ok to leave ? In this post, I’ll tell you the reasons why they have boogers and how to clean it. The reasons why cats have boogers Why do they have boogers and why some cats have them more regularly than others ? Cats are known as a very clean animal and they groom themselves all the time, but…

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【 Kwaii 】Tokyo cute cat cafes to hang out !

Since the first cat café was opened in Taipei, Taiwan, cat cafes became popular more and more around the world. Many tourists come to visit Tokyo every year and cat cafes are becoming popular spots for foreign tourists to visit recently. In this post, I’d like to introduce some cat cafes in popular areas in Tokyo. Shinjuku : Cat Café Calico Shinjuku is the place that foreign tourists visit the most in Tokyo. Shinjuku has pretty much everything . . .  transportation, shopping and unique spots to visit such as Kabukicho. Cat Café Calico is located 7 ~ 8 minutes from east exit in Shinjuku Station by walk just before Kabukicho….